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I've ordered a good number of items from the Fan Club shop over the last few years, and have always been pleased with the quick delivery, professional service and great communications that I've received. The latest items I've bought are the updated edition of 'From ABBA To Mamma Mia!', and the new book 'ABBA In America', the latter of which I would say is an essential part of any fan's collection, and a great companion piece to the Deluxe Edition of the recent 'ABBA In Japan' DVD (the chapter on the Japanese tour tying in nicely with the 1980 behind-the-scenes documentary). Probably the biggest purchase I made was the Japanese 'Albums' CD boxset a few years ago- quite expensive but well worth it as I've not been able to find it anywhere else since! As well as all the rarities (not just ABBA and solo projects, but all the ABBA-related artists whose work is difficult to find elsewhere), I would strongly recommend the back-issues of the Magazine itself. If, like me, you're relatively new to the Fan Club (I only joined about 5 or 6 years ago), these are an invaluable mine of information- but be quick! They seem to be disappearing fast- the earliest issue I have is 47, and now the earliest on sale is issue 57, I think. If I may make one request, it's to ask if it would be possible to have more Far Eastern and South American releases for sale in the shop? (although I assume there are good reasons for these not already being available). Otherwise, thanks to Helga and Anita for providing a great (and essential) service- keep up the great work! All the best
Owen Valentine - United Kingdom
18 March 2010, 18:06:53

Always glad to receive my order from the Abbafanclub cause it contains ABBA!!!! After a nightshift and a few hours sleep I took a shower and ofcourse I hear the doorbell! I rushed into some clothes and was glad to get the package. Only for ABBA I open the door in this situation!
The next few days I will see and read the books!

Regina - the Netherlands
11 March 2010, 13:35:11

Finally there will be a Deluxe version of ABBA's voulez-vous album this year. I can't wait to preorder this item from the shop!
Amy Pikaar - the Netherlands
22 February 2010, 21:07:24

I am always disapointed when the Grammy Awards come & Go in the
U.S.A, and No Mention of any of ABBA`s Music. Perhaps someday they will be Honored with a "Special Grammy" for ALL the wonderful Songs they Wrote.

Michael Ostrander - U.S.A
17 February 2010, 15:35:51

If you look for those special CD's or anything related to Abba, this is the place to be. The service is excellent and friendly and they have been around for quite some time now. Keep up the good work!
Marco - Netherlands
16 February 2010, 10:00:02

Being a regular customer, I can confirm this is really the best address to buy all your ABBA stuff. A great choice and perfect and fast service. Thank you, Helga!
Stany Van Wijmeersch - Belgium
18 January 2010, 11:35:20

My dears, thanks a lot for sending my order so fast - I was very happy to get it so soon. Vry professional service. All my best greetings
Roberto - Germany, Berlin
14 January 2010, 18:15:10

Thanks Helga for the quick shipping of Frida-The DVD. This DVD is a real must-have for everyone who is interested in exclusive footage of Frida's career. Especially the interview when she reflects on many things, confirms a what a wonderful person she is.
Joeri Van der Veken - Belgium
14 January 2010, 12:11:43

Hi Helga, Thanks for the t-shirt. In Stockholm I couldn't find a nice Abba t-shirt but here through the Dutch fanclub I managed to get hold of a pretty nice one. All the best for 2010,
Jack - The netherlands
2 January 2010, 18:44:04

Hi Helga. I just love The fan clubshop. Iam going to order some more things soon. There are a lot of things that are not released in Australia but I need never worry becouse I know I can get anything from The shop.
Carissa Higham - Australia
14 December 2009, 05:12:25

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