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I order at the Fan-Club Shop since many years and I was always very satisfied. The Shop offers the latest items usually for moderate prices and a good service! I can only recommend it and hope that it will continue.
Thomas Zamath - Germany
9 June 2011, 20:18:33

I did recieved the BAOS new single and the stockholm city walk map today.So fantastic to be able to order a real cd single,when this is only available for download!!!The map is really beautiful and fun to have!
Anita and Helga have been thinking about us BAO fans also!!And always fun to get something extra in your order too...
Warm thanks for so really fantastic service!!!Im so happy about this abba shop!!!!!!
Greetings to all who buys from this shop.

marina högström - finland
6 June 2011, 22:26:34

Lieve mensen vd fanclub. Bedankt dat jullie ons in staat stellen voor het bemachtigen van dvds cds etc van onze favoriete muziek.Ga door!!
Jack Stuve - Nederland
25 May 2011, 16:34:06

As I do not have a credit card I order eveything concerning ABBA and related at ABBF-Records. I am very satisfied and the prices are not higher than anywhere else. There is a good service.
Harry Boeijen - The Netherlands
11 May 2011, 09:55:05

Dear Helga,
What can I say? As always great service! Always a message when the ordered goods can be expected! Nice extra's added! Just SUPER! Keep up the great ABBA work you do (with Anita and the others).

Liesbeth - The Netherlands
15 April 2011, 14:21:38

I just received my order back frome the fan club of a Frida Cd and the four new ABBA calendars. Thank you Helga for the fast delivery friendly and kind service.The calendars are so beauitful. There something special to treasure forever. And the Frida CD is just fantastic. Thank you aqgain.
Carissa Higham - Australia
28 February 2011, 02:30:56

Hello everyone,
I used to be a member of the fanclub from 1998 till 2002 and ordered a lot of ABBA items from Helga. Then I took a break for a couple of years. Finally here I am again, with the Fanclub and the Shop. Like in the past, Helga is always very friendly and helpful with the order. She always tries her best to help out ABBA fans and I enormously appreciate that. I can sum up the service that Helga provides in 3 words: Quick, Efficient and Professional. I am excitedly waiting for the order of 6 ABBA items that is expected to arrive in 1 or 2 weeks. Thank the ABBA Shop for the Excellent Service!

Dang Quoc Chi - Vietnam
23 February 2011, 07:17:38

Thanks for the great service! Thanks Anita and Helga to do this job. The best shop for the real ABBA, Agnetha and Frida fan. Greetings,
Marcel - The Netherlands
4 February 2011, 23:58:49

thank you very much for your very pleasant shop where we can find so much choice about ABBA and at very nice price.
Thank you Frida, Benny, Björn and the lovely Agnetha for your music.

sarouille guy - FRANCE
20 January 2011, 20:29:12

A beautiful shop and very nice and kind people. The special gift in the last issue of the magazine was absolutely stunning. I hope there will be other special gifts and surprises for all of us Abba fan Club members.
Luciano Macera - Italy
20 January 2011, 20:08:06

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