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Thank you very much. Fast delivery and everything is very nice. It was the first time I ordered - but clearly not the last....!
Christine - Germany
25 October 2011, 17:44:06

Received my order today; several new books and the audio version of Bright Lights Dark Shadows; really can recommend this, it is very relaxing way of "reading" a book! As always fast delivery and very well packed, thanks!!!
Bonny - Nederland
21 October 2011, 12:58:25

Hey Helga, What a great package I received today ! I just love all that I ordered. Somethings were on my wishlist for a while and now I'm just excited that I can add them to my collection. Many many thanks for all the hard and good work and efforts you make to make so much ABBA fans all over the world happy. Have a nice weekend. Untill next time.
Anjo Heusingveld - NL
17 September 2011, 17:09:19

I just received my order back from the Fan club. I love everything I received. A big thank you to Helga For the wonderful service. And thank you for having this fantastic shop.
Carissa Higham - Australia
22 August 2011, 06:58:52

Great site !!!
Don Adkins - usa
20 August 2011, 03:43:46

Thank you Helga ! For the extreme good service. All the items I've ordered are just excellent. And I've received them in the best condition (this is very important !). I can recommend your service to anyone. Regards,
Filip - Belgium
11 July 2011, 13:13:49

I ordered the new BAO album "O Klang Och Jubeltid". Great CD; really highly recommended!
As always great service and quick delivery. Keep up the good ABBA-work, Helga! Thank you so much!

Liesbeth - The Netherlands
2 July 2011, 12:33:04

Just received my cd the other day,quick and fast delivery!.
Nice and easy to find what you are looking for.
Top seller A++ Recommended

Michael - Australia
1 July 2011, 09:32:46

Today i received the great cd O Klang Och Jubeltid and the promo cd single from Helen. Both where in great condition and the delivery was very quickly. Thanks again for everything you do for the fans all around the world. My compliments
Ronnie Wielockx - Belgium
23 June 2011, 05:43:24

Yesterday I recieved my order with the New BAO CD and Caramba CD from the ABBF fanclub. The CD of BAO is very good. Nice to here the voices of Helen and Tommy again. Beautiful song all together. The CD Caramba is very funny to listen to. The lyrics are absurt but the music is very nice. The map for the ABBA citywalk in Stockholm is perfect for exploring Stockholm on you search for all your ABBA related places. Thank you Helga for the fast delivery.
Rene Mathot - Netherlands
22 June 2011, 12:44:32

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