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Thank you very much for so fast delivery.And its always fun to get something special inside the package.I really loved the photo ordercard,that is special!!!!!
marina - finland
12 July 2013, 12:15:35

Thank you so much for the fast service. I am in Indiana USA and I received my items in 1 week. I love the pictures of the ABBA museum opening and I love the calendar. I will order again. Thanks again.
thomas prikosovich - usa
26 June 2013, 16:47:46

I got the German magazine today. A beautiful item and some extra
stuff from the fanclub. Perfect and nice to get. Thank you Helga
and Anita.

Hans Kegge - Nederland
21 June 2013, 17:47:11

Very great that the abba site is more back then ever. I send every
one on facebook to the club. People give me compliments about the
posters from the 70es. I'm have collected so much. I am proud to
be fan from day one.

lucia derriks - nederland
21 June 2013, 15:50:19

stop playing their hits every minute of every day...Love is not a
strong enough word. Hence I love this site immensely...

Michael Johnson - Australia
20 June 2013, 14:04:04

I got the picture disc single from Agnetha today. Thank you so
very much AGAIN for the high service and i order again very soon
Shipping and delivery is very good and very fast Thank you again
Kindest regards

Richard - The Netherlands
31 May 2013, 15:43:36

Hello Helga & Anita! Shipping and arrived this morning. The CD
''A''Agnetha Fatlskog, of the picture disc 7 and the German
magazine. The picture disc and arrived last week. All packaged
very well. Excellent professionalism and expertise are great. A
kiss from Italy and myself. Kisses Kisses Kisses.

Donatella Bessi - Italia
29 May 2013, 16:08:53

Dear Helga,
I received my order today. I'm very happy with it. It's always a
pleasure to buy and receive some ABBA stuff. Many thanks for the
extra's you added! So nice!!! Keep up the good ABBA work, as
Kind regards,

Liesbeth - The Netherlands
24 May 2013, 18:59:08

Dear Helga, Thank you so very very very very very much for the
ABBA special i got it today and will treasure it what a great item
and thanks for the very fast service. The next order is a fact!!!!
ABBA for ever. Kindest regards

Richard - The Netherlands
24 May 2013, 15:07:05

Helga tnx very much your shop is always great and a pleasure to
buy on it! A very fast and serious service! Greetings from Italy

Isabella bevilacqua - Italy
23 May 2013, 20:14:47

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