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Fantastic service form the fan club shop and delivered to the UK in 4 days.
I bought the 20th Anniversay fan club weekend dvd.I can highly recommend it for anyone and especially someone who wants to go to an ABBA Day or Weekend or wonders what it is like to go as a taster of the disco,venue etc.
Worth buying also to see Owe Sandstroms interview and Ella Rouge performing Suzy Hang around.

Darren - UK
20 January 2012, 20:32:09

Arrival (booklet version)2011 release although the booklet notes are from 2001 and remaster from 2001. Still nice for the A8BA completist.
Dave - Ireland
19 January 2012, 00:03:29

Late last year I ordered the new Bubi ABBA photographs book, and it was absolutely amazing. Even though it has only about 500 photos of ABBA, compared to the full version of 1000; it is only a fraction of the price of the original & you get half the photos.
Loved all the commentary from Bubi about each of the photos. There were also so many photos that I have never seen before.
This is an MUST for any ABBA fan & so affordable!

Maria Pappas - Australia
10 January 2012, 00:01:27

ABBA by Micke is a good book. Interviews and stories from the time of a Fan Mag. Very well produced with lots of personal pix. Nice heavy glossy cover & paper. Abba members come across as very patient considering how Micke & Co tracked them down so often! But I suppose that they preferred to give more time to genuine dedicated fans rather than the Media.
Helga & Anita-why have you not published similar? That would be a definate BEST SELLER $$$!!

Dave - Ireland
12 December 2011, 00:59:13

Just received A8BA Legendary Piano Book. It is a very beautifully presented book and a must for those who collect A8BA books. It would make a fantastic Xmas or birthday gift for a pianist too. S usual the fan club shop packaged everything very securly. I bought multible items for reduced postage.
Dave - Ireland
10 December 2011, 12:19:37

I just received my order in perfect condition. So for any ABBA (-related) items you want to buy: Shop here for reliable shipping, excellent service and you help the people who make our ABBA-loving lives a little bit brighter!I just made a new order for the Broadway carols cd. Please do so too for a good cause (HIV/AIDS research)! Happy holidays!
Onno Conde Nieto - The Netherlands
9 December 2011, 16:48:46

I want to say thank your for all the years you have done a great job. Every order from your club was also perfect. What can I say else? God jul och god nytt ar för ni och tack ska ni ha ;.) and of course for all the members of this fantastic club
Ralf Hendricks - Germany
7 December 2011, 17:41:02

Thank you Helga for making sure that my Happy New Year single arrive in perfect condition at home. Excellent service always. All the very best.
David Legrand - Belgium
5 December 2011, 21:58:50

I recently ordered the Happy New Year 7" single and received exceptionally good service from Helga. She was able to answer my query very quickly and my order took just five days to arrive at my home in London, UK! The singles were packaged well in sturdy packaging and arrived in perfect condition - thank you Helga. Merry Christmas and a 'Happy New Year' to you!
Trevor Smith - UK
4 December 2011, 13:42:57

The ABBA Fan Club Shop - YOUR BEST CHOICE! They have got everything! There is such a wide variety of great ABBA items and I wish to thank you for being so quick with sending the orders.
I received the new Happy New Year single within 2 days only. Am so happy with it.

Michael Scheiber - Austria
3 December 2011, 09:47:02

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