Cadillac Madness 40 Bästa

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The Hep Stars - Cadillac Madness 40 Bästa

contains: Intro/Cadillac, Kana Kapila, A Tribute To Buddy Holly, Farmer John, Donna, Bald Headed Woman, No Response, Rented Tuxedo, So Mystifying, Young And Beautiful, Should I, Sunny Girl, Hawaii, Wedding, Don't, Isn't It Easy To Say, When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again, Tallahassee Lassie, Surfin' Bird, Wear My Ring Around Your Neck

Love Is Coming Back, I natt jag drömde, Consolation, It's Nice To Be Back, Malaika, Mot okänt land, She Will Love You, Like You Used To Do, It's Been A Long Long Time, Sagan om lilla Sofi, Det finns en stad, Groovy Summertime, Let It Be Me, Tända på varann, The Music Box, Holiday For Clowns, Speleman, Är det inte kärlek, säg?, Speedy Gonzales, Cadillac 2004